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NetEase Games Acquires Grasshopper Manufacture; Dedicated to Creating “Unique Console Games Together”

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Grasshopper Manufacture is a developer known for putting out unique Japanese games including the beloved No More Heroes series, as well as Let It Die, the rogue-lite action RPG from Suda51. Prior to this new announcement, they’d been part of the GungHo Entertainment group, but it looks like all that is about to change as they’ve just announced a new partnership with NetEase Games.

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Announced on their official site, NetEase has acquired Grasshopper Manufacture, and both parties are dedicated to “creating more unique console games together.” Grasshopper reassures fans that they’ll still have creative control over their own projects and will continue working on their unique brand of games just like they always have; the only difference is that they’ll receive support from NetEase in the form of funding and technical expertise.

“We will be responsible for the creativity and production of games to ensure that we are able to continue to maintain the consistent “Grasshopper Manufacture flavor” and game quality for which we are known. In addition, we will also receive strong support from the NetEase team composed of thousands of artists and technical experts in terms of game art and quality assurance. We will make the most of this support and strive to offer three even higher-quality “Grasshopper Manufacture Games” to all gamers in the next ten years.”

Grasshopper Manufacture

“Their strong passion for creativity, which has continued for decades, is extremely admirable. NetEase is honored to be the companion of Mr. Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture Inc. on this new journey into the future. We hope to give the studio creative freedom and sufficient resource support in order to empower said studio to create even more sensational works for gamers worldwide.”

NetEase Games

NetEase is one of the biggest giants in the gaming industry, and has also partnered with major publishers like Blizzard to work on Diablo.

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