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In order to be successful on For Honor’s battlefield one will want to make sure they are not only equipped with the best gear, but also have those items offer strong stats for their character. However, if you want to max out your character and make the most of them you’ll want to acquire gear that reflects these different attributes over all. In order to look at a hero’s stats you will need to select that specific character then go to load out and hit either RT or R2 depending on your console. From here a menu will take over the screen showing not only the different armor pieces but the potency of each one underneath that. Here is a breakdown of each stat and what they mean for your hero.

  • Block Damage Resistance – This affects the amount of chip damage, however, this is specifically towards heavy attacks only.
  • Revive Speed – How fast or slow you can resurrect someone that hasn’t been executed or killed by an environmental hazard.
  • Stamina Regen – This stat tracks how fast your stamina will return in For Honor when you are not directly attacking, dodging, or blocking an attack.
  • Execution Health Regen –After you perform an execution this will determine the amount of health you receive instantly after the kill.
  • Block Damage – When you attack an enemy this will showcase how much damage you either do to an opponent’s stamina or health if you’re a specialized unit like the Shugoki.
  • Sprint Speed – How fast you will move while sprinting around the battlefield.
  • Debuff Resistance – This stat determines how effective or ineffective certain abilities like Bleed will be against your hero.
  • Revenge Mode Duration – How long your hero will stay in Revenge mode once it’s activated.
  • Throw Distance – How far you can throw or shove an enemy after you perform a guard break.
  • Revenge Mode Attack Determines how much extra damage you will inflict once Revenge Mode is activated.
  • Revenge Gained by Injury – How much of your Revenge meter is increased by taking damage by opponents.
  • Feat Cooldown Reduction – This will determine how long it takes for your various Feats to come off cooldown and become usable once more.
  • Revenge Mode Defense – How strong your defense and blocking is when you are in Revenge mode.
  • Revenge Gained by Defense – How much of your Revenge meter is increased by blocking incoming damage.
  • Attack – How much your base attack is raised in For Honor.
  • Defense – Determines your base increase for defense when on the battlefield.
  • Stamina Cost Reduction – How much stamina will be used when attacking, blocking, and dodging.
  • Exhaustion Recovery – How quickly your stamina comes back after you deplete it all and enter the black and white coloration.

There are a lot of stats in For Honor and each set of three is tied to a specific armor piece like the blade of a weapon or helmet that character is wearing. When you starting leveling up you will want to focus on specific builds such as a high stamina build for a heavy hitter like Shoguki or Lawbringer. Try to tailor your gear and stats to fit your specific playstyle, that way you can make the most of For Honor’s combat.

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