Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: How to Find and Beat the Cluckatrice (Hunt)

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How to Find and Beat the Cluckatrice (Hunt) in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

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Hunts are a big part of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, and one of the first ones you’ll undertake is called Little Love on the Big Plains. This tasks you with tracking down a dangerous Cluckatrice on Giza Plains. Once you undertake the hunt, head to the petitioner who’ll give you the information. If you look at your map you’ll notice the Cluckatrice can be found in the Giza North Bank.

Now the trick with this hunt is that the Cluckatrice is afraid of other creatures. What you need to do is take out each and every enemy in the North Bank area, then leave and reenter it. You’ll find the Cluckatrice flanked by a few Chickatrices. This battle can be a bit tough if you don’t approach it right, as the Chickatrices and Cluckatrice combined can easily overwhelm you. There’s basically two good strategies to taking the battle on.

If you have access to Quickenings by this point in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age you’ll definitely want to take advantage of them. Wait until all the enemies are bunched together and then unleash a Quickening Chain. The resulting Concurrence will hit all enemies, taking out most of the Chickatrices health. Another option if you don’t have Quickenings is to use the Disable spell. It may take a few times to hit, but once you get Disable on the Cluckatrice you’ll be free to finish up its little ones while the big boss can’t attack. Of course, make sure to have your Gambits set up for healing in case your party gets damaged.

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