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Fallout 4 contains quite a few characters out in the world that can become your friends and be used as companions for your quests and adventures. While a handful will be met during the main questline, there are a few that you will have to go out of your way for. To help you be the best wasteland wanderer you can be, we’ve put together a handy list of each one and where you can find them.

Dogmeat (Dog) – You’ll find Dogmeat shortly after exiting Vault 111 as you head back towards Sanctuary Hills. He’ll grab your attention as you pass the Red Rocket truck stop.

Codsworth (Mister Handy Robot) – Codsworth is your Mister Handy that has been waiting for your return for centuries. You’ll find him at your house in Sanctuary hills.

Piper (Human Woman) – Piper is found in Diamond City. In fact, she’s the young woman that helps you enter the city, make sure to recruit her after the theatrics.

Nick Valentine (Synth Man) – This private eye is found in Vault 114 as part of the main quest Unlikely Valentine.

Paladin Danse (Synth Man) – This Brotherhood of Steel member can be recruited after helping to clear the Cambridge Police Station in Boston (not too far from Diamond City). Once you join his faction, he’ll join you out in the wasteland.

Deacon (Human Man) – Deacon can be recruited once you make your way to the Railroad HQ in the Old North Church. He is a master of stealth and disguise and will help you become an actual member of the Railroad.

Cait (Human Woman) – Head over to the Combat Zone in Boston. It’s a fight club of sorts that has been taken over by Raiders. Clear it out and you’ll be able to recruit Cait who is a savage fighter and very good at picking locks.

John Hancock (Ghoul Man) – You can recruit this fellow in Goodneighbor where he hangs out near Scollay Square.

MacCready (Human Man) –  This young man has some serious aim and can also be found in the seedy town of Goodneighbor. Completing the quest Long Road Ahead will let you bring him along during your journey.

Strong (Super Mutant) – During the quest Curtain Call, players will be able to free this Shakespeare-loving super mutant from a cell at the top of Trinity Tower. Afterwards, he can be recruited as a companion.

Preston Garvey (Human Man) – Preston is found in Concord during the quest When Freedom Calls early on in the game. He is the leader of the Minutemen and an excellent soldier.

Curie (Mrs. Handy Robot) – This companion can be found in Vault 81. Fun fact: you can actually make this robot your girlfriend.

X6-88 (Synth Man) – X6-88 is obtained shortly after making your way to the Institute as part of the main quest line in Fallout 4. He is excellent at long range and befriending him earns you an extremely handy perk against other synthetic beings.

With any of these individuals by your side, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with out in Fallout 4’s Wasteland!

Keep in mind that each individual also has a special perk that can be unlocked by befriending them (reaching the maximum relationship possible). You can check those out over here! And for even more guides, check out our expanding Fallout 4 wiki.

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