Destiny: Vault of Glass Templar Raid Challenge

Vault of Glass Templar Challenge – Destiny Age of Triumph

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Kicking off the challenges for Destiny’s latest updated raid Vault of Glass, players will be tasked with taking down the Templar. While many of the mechanics remain the same, there are some changes that can make this fight especially difficult if they’re not careful. The actual challenge this time around is to only have one person hold the relic during the entire event and you must block off every teleport that the Templar attempts. This means that you will need to have someone constantly moving around the map to block his escape and ensure that your fireteam can pour on the damage.

To start the fight have all six players huddle up in the back right corner and begin the engagement, taking out any Harpies that stary too close. Once your relic bearer has his super, have him jump to the other side and then blast the shield off the Templar. This will leave him open to attack and allow the team of five in the corner to deal damage to it. During this, the mechanical monster will attempt to escape so it’s up to your relic carrier to stop him from vanishing. The shield runner will be responsible for the both left warp points, so if the Templar attempts to go for this area make a run for that section.

However, if he tries to warp to one of the two spots on the right then pick a party member and have them rush to that point and deny him the warp. You will need to keep doing this in order to keep his shield down so during the entire engagement the other four people should be firing their weapons at it. Try to stagger out and combine ultimates like Shadow Shot and Ward of Dawn to stack damaging effects, giving you a better chance at finishing him off before someone dies. This is a relatively easy challenge, but you will need to have good communication in order to be victorious. If you want all that sweet Destiny loot then you will want to make sure to complete the Templar challenge as it has some of the coolest looking armor and weapons in all of Destiny.

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