All PSVR 2 Launch Windows Titles & What They’re About

There's a lot to look forward to when the PS VR2 releases this year.

PS VR fans: your time is near. The next iteration of Sony’s VR headset will boast a monstrous library of launch window titles to keep VR enthusiasts entertained for quite some time. Fear not; we’ve taken the time to compile a list for you so that you don’t have to scour the internet. Get your eye sight tested and polish off your adaptive triggers, here are all the PS VR2 launch window titles and what you can expect from them.

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Horizon Call of the Mountain

Get a Glimpse of More Horizon Call of the Mountain Gameplay in Latest Tease
Image Source: PlayStation

Fresh off of last year’s Game of the Year nominee, Horizon Forbidden West, the Horizon series will keep the ball rolling with Horizon Call of the Mountain. This game creates an entirely new story in the series, as it follows the story of a Shadow Carja warrior who needs to atone for his crimes. Expect plenty of similar action to what’s been present in the Horizon series, meaning more machines and using ragtag equipment to take them down in a very immersive VR setting.

While it will tell its own story, Call of the Mountain takes place during the events of Forbidden West. Expect to interact with plenty of familiar faces, including series protagonist Aloy. This entry looks to take full advantage of the PS VR2 new features, such as 110° field of view, advanced graphical rendering, and 4K HDR visuals, as it looks to be a faithful spin-off of a well-decorated series.

Resident Evil Village

All VR Games Releasing in 2023 That You Should Have on Your Radar
Image Source: Capcom via Twinfinite

Two years after its launch, Resident Evil Village is looking to add its biggest update to date; a VR mode. Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village nailed the feeling of making players feel underpowered against the monstrosities Ethan Winters face, and the VR mode will add another layer to that immersion when it arrives alongside the VR set as a free update for those who already own the game.

The PS VR2’s Sense controllers allow for intuitive movements such as raising your arms to block incoming attacks and recreate the sensation of interacting with objects and weaponry, all in a beautiful 4K HDR display. Relive Ethan Winters’ worst nightmare in this VR rendition.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 Update
Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment via Twinfinite

Gran Turismo’s immersion level is about to go up a notch, with the latest entry getting a free VR update alongside PS VR2’s launch. The news of this update is relatively new, as Sony’s big wig, Jim Ryan, announced it at Sony’s CES 2023 segment

At the moment, it’s unknown what the VR update will do to differentiate itself from the console port. However, with the latest entry running laps around the competition, it’s fair to say that racing enthusiasts have nothing to fear when this update hits.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge - Enhanced Edition cover artwork
Image Source: Disney Parks

Inspired by the ride at Disney Land in Hollywood, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is making its way to the PSVR 2 after launching on the Oculus Quest VR set in 2020. Players assume the role of a Droid technician after crash landing on planet Batuu and become swept up in a story chock full of grand adventure, proving anyone can become a hero.

The Enhanced Edition looks to take advantage of all the bells and whistles that come with the PS VR2, such as the Sense controllers providing haptic feedback as well as improved audio and visuals. What better way to become immortalized in Star Wars history than on the next iteration of PlayStation virtual reality?


Demeo in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

Demeo launched in 2021 on PC, thrusting players into the grand storytelling and adventures tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons have provided for years. Players can choose from one of seven characters and embark on dangerous journeys as they look to banish the forces of evil.

Nearly two years after its launch, the PS VR2 version looks to build off of the game’s success with a bevy of upgrades that take advantage of the headset’s power. Demeo will get a large bump in refresh rate to 120Hz, receive plenty of new shaders due to the power of PS VR2, and takes advantage of the system’s eye-tracking capability allowing for seamless menu exploration. In addition, there will be cross-play, and the Sense controllers will play a role in your experience.

Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition

Cities: VR- Enhanced Edition in-game screenshot
Image Source: PlayStation Store

Alongside racing games, city builders are quite immersive, and Fast Travel Games is looking to up the ante in the immersion department with Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition.

As the name implies, players must build their own metropolis from the ground up. Build roads to attract citizens to your up-and-coming city, and get the power running and the hydration flowing to keep the people happy. As the city grows, more citizens will flock to it, bringing in newer challenges and demands. Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition will take advantage of the PS VR2 platform to provide sharper textures and richer colors while using the Sense controllers to make this a responsive and snappy experience.

Cosmonious High

Cosmonious High in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

Cosmonious High is as cutesy as the art style presents itself; players take control of an alien that can adapt to any situation on its first day of high school. Crash landing at the school, the alien must help fix plentiful issues the school faces while balancing the daily duties of making friends and taking classes.

This artful VR title comes from Owlchemy Labs, the team that created Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator and who’s also worked on Among Us. During the announcement of the PS VR2 port, Owlchemy Labs described the experience players get from playing this on the PS headset, such as shorter load times, 4K 90fps visuals, improved audio, and a haptic feedback-based control scheme. It may seem silly, but some of gaming’s best titles are the lighthearted ones.

The Light Brigade

The Light Brigade VR in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

Switching things up a bit, The Light Brigade is the game for fans of roguelikes and shooting games. The darkness, not to be confused with the same entity from Destiny, is rapidly encroaching, and the Light Brigade is the only force capable of stopping it, no matter how many times it takes.

The Light Brigade journeys to the Sunken World to combat the darkness, with players battling across dense forests, frozen mountains, and forgotten graveyards. Start with a rifle and light magic, but each victory and discovery earns better weaponry and magic as players progress through the ranks of the fabled Light Brigade. Expect intense gunfights replicated in this physics-based gunplay, all boosted by the power of the PS VR2.

Zenith: The Last City

Zenith: The Last City VR in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

MMO fans and enthusiasts look no further; Ramen VR has the perfect game for Sony’s upcoming VR set. Now, Zenith: The Last City is already available on the first iteration of PS VR, but it will be a free upgrade for existing owners should they pick up a PS VR2.

Zenith: The Last City takes inspiration from JRPGs such as Sword Art Online and Final Fantasy XIV, catching plenty of praise for merging VR immersion and JRPGs into one package. On the PS VR2, Zenith will benefit from a wide variety of updates, such as an overhaul to the graphics for realistic shadows and crisper textures, new gameplay enhancements, and reworks. It’ll also get plenty of quality-of-life improvements like faster load times specifically for PS VR2, and of course, the benefit of haptic feedback making players feel like they’re fighting for their lives.

To Zenith gamers, your journey awaits!


Tentacular VR in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

Ever feel like a giant squid out of water? Probably not, but Tentacular is looking to recreate that feeling!

Firepunchd Games UG places players into the role of a giant squid, but rather than be a destructive squid, the tentacled spectacle is kind-hearted. Your role is to help the citizens of La Kalma research a strange energy source while helping out with their needs through building contraptions and solving puzzles. The PS VR2’s impressive eye-tracking features allow players to interact with citizens by simply looking at them, and the audio haptics adds an extra layer of unmatched immersion. It also can’t be omitted that the adaptive triggers will make interacting with objects feel as realistic as possible.

Tentacular is full of humor, and this lighthearted puzzle VR title will keep players entertained for quite some time.

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue

Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue key art work
Image Source: Steel Wool Games and tinyBuild

Hello Neighbor has had its ups and downs across two titles and expansions. That said, the switch to VR might work in its favor when it hits the PS VR2 platform on launch.

For the uninitiated, the premise is simple yet very intimidating. Players take on the role of a group of kids looking to free their friend who’s mysteriously disappeared in their neighbor’s house. Enter the house, and solve plenty of puzzles, all while dodging the titular “Neighbor,” who’s roaming his house looking to abduct you. Each character has unique abilities to solve puzzles, and despite the console ports never realizing their full potential, this VR experiment might be the perfect opportunity to make some neighborhood magic.

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR

Image Source: Supermassive Games

Supermassive Games is back with another VR title, and much like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR thrusts gamers onto a horror-filled ride of a rollercoaster.

It’s a rather unique switch-up of style compared to Supermassive’s console ports, but one that will is still full of horror thrills and jumps. While on the rollercoaster, players will blast their way through evil itself. The PS VR2’s improvements come into play here as the adaptive triggers will make the weapons feel realistic, and the headset’s advanced eye-tracking software triggers enemy movement anytime you blink, so a jumpscare is never missed. Finally, the 3D audio adds to the tension as the ride speeds toward its final destination.

No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky has had quite the journey since it launched in 2016. Flash forward many galaxies and years later, Hello Games’ space survival game has captured the hearts of many and is looking to take its talents to Sony’s second iteration of the VR headset.

Similar to Zenith: The Last City, No Man’s Sky is currently available on the first PS VR. However, Hello Games rebuilt the game from the ground up to create the most authentic VR experience to date, as players scramble around the galaxy to survive and build a new society. It’s currently unknown what the PS VR2’s updates will bring, but given the first iteration was incredibly well done, all of the PS VR2’s newer tech will make this quite the experience.

Moss and Moss: Book II

Moss in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

Developers, Polyarc, stumbled across quite the hit when it released Moss in 2018. Moss follows the journey of “The Reader” and Quill as the duo teams up to save the latter’s kingdom from an evil, fire-breathing snake. Moss quickly rose the ranks to become one of the most decorated VR titles of all time and was followed by a sequel that matched the superb design of the first game.

Moss and Moss: Book II will launch alongside the PS VR2, taking advantage of the new platform’s specs. Haptic feedback will replicate the movement and damage-inducing moments, adaptive triggers will enthrall players in the push and pull of objects, and both titles will run 4K 90fps display while taking advantage of the PS VR2’s increased field of view. An epic adventure awaits The Reader and Quill in their magnificent debut on PS VR2.

Swordsman VR

Swordsman VR in-game screenshot
Image Source: Steam

When all else fails, nothing beats sword fighting in the virtual reality space. Swordsman VR is looking to itch that desire, as Sinn Studio is upgrading this already existing title to match the power of the PS VR2.

Swordsman VR puts players in the role of a swordsman who must overcome evil in this realistic combat game. Customize your warrior to your liking, take on powerful foes in intense combat, and wield their weapons to take on the forces of evil. Not much has been discussed regarding what fans can expect with this title hitting PS VR2, but with plenty of new technology on this headset, this has insane potential to up the realism another notch.

Kayak VR: Mirage

Kayak VR: Mirage
Image Source: Steam

Arguably one of VR’s best-looking games, Kayak VR: Mirage, is heading to the PS VR2 as a launch day title. The premise is pretty simple; players can explore a wide selection of places on a kayak, taking in beautiful vistas and enjoying a moderately-sized musical track list to keep players in the zone. Conversely, there is a time-attack mode that allows for some competitive kayaking.

Developer Better Than Life has made a name for itself with Kayak VR: Mirage being one of the best-looking VR experiences. The PS VR2’s spec boost will do wonders for fans and kayak enthusiasts, although how it will do that is still under wraps.

Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat

Kizuna AI Touch the Beat artwork
Image Source: Gematsu

Although Jim Ryan confirmed Beat Saber VR is headed to PS VR2 at some point, fans of the VR rhythm game will find a suitable title to hold them over in Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat.

Considered one of the spearheads of “VTubers,” Kizuna is an AI that brings you on stage during a performance. Featuring 15 songs performed by the AI, players will find themselves in a familiar flow as Beat Saber, where they’ll be swinging away at floating boxes to keep the beat going. This port will feature enhanced graphics and a new “View Mode” which allows for free-roam on the stage. More of Kizuna’s songs will be added post-launch, which sounds like a good time for large groups of friends.

The Tale of Onogoro

The Tale of Onogoro in-game screenshot
Image Source: Amata K.K.

Per the official description from the PlayStation Store, The Tale of Onogoro is “Portal meets Shadow of the Colossus in this memorable and intimate title.”

The Tale of Onogoro is a steampunk take on ancient Japanese culture. The protagonist is summoned by a Japanese high priestess Haru, and the two must combine their skills to defeat the dreaded “Kami. Both characters are linked together and are essential to completing the mission, with their health pools linked, meaning the death of one is the death of the other. The Tale of Onogoro already has stellar reviews on the first PS VR, and with the PS VR2 shaping up to be a powerhouse of a VR set, this version most likely will be the best edition yet.

Fantavision 202X

Fantavision 202X in-game screenshot
Image Source: Cosmo Machia Inc.

If the name of this title sounds or looks familiar, it’s because this same title was released 23 years ago for the PS2 as a launch title. Fantavision is making its return in 2023 as a VR launch title for the PS VR2, and it’ll take advantage of all the bells and whistles that come with the new VR headset.

This puzzle game is complex to describe in words but essentially tasks players with catching three fireworks of the same color. Progress through the level, and what starts as a small explosion converts into a large-scale light show that would make Katy Perry proud. This upgraded version will include full 3D visuals, a replay mode, and a free-roaming camera that allows a moment of peace for players to sit back and enjoy the show.


ALTAIR BREAKER in-game screenshot
Image Source: Thirdverse

Combining fast-paced sword fighting and up to four-player co-op, ALTAIR BREAKER challenges players to fight off autonomous AI that has taken over the once-magical lands of Vastus Isle.

ALTAIR BREAKER is similar in nature to Swordsman VR, albeit expanded to include more powerful abilities such as area-of-effect attacks, aerial combos, and much more. Given the upgrades the PS VR2 boasts, this title will surely deliver a much-improved experience and a memorable time for four players.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate artwork
Image Source: MyDearest Inc.

In a city where the crime rate is nearly nonexistent, the murder of the city’s founder raises many questions that need answers. Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate tasks players to solve those answers through the power of PS VR2.

Assuming the role of Hal, players must discover what happened to the city’s founder through a unique ability known as “Memory Dive.” Memory Dive allows Hal to relive the memories of the past by interacting with objects, which reveals the memories of its owner, and these can be altered by interacting with them when the owner’s fate diverges. Lily, your AI companion, will help by providing clues in this gripping detective case, and rather than experience it as an episodic experience as it was on other platforms, this title will come complete when it launches with the PS VR2.

Song in the Smoke: Rekindled

Song in the Smoke: Rekindled artwork
Image Source: UploadVR

Song in the Smoke throws players into one of the most immersive survival titles to date, boosted by the power of VR. 

As a lone survivor, players must survive eight stages, varying from forests to frozen glaciers. With very little information to serve as a guide, hunting, gathering, and building shelter serve as primary goals, while exploring will help gain the information needed to proceed to the next stage. Preparation is key as the later stages become host to supernatural threats.

Song in the Smoke prides itself on being an immersive survival title with solid VR controls, top-notch audio design, and featuring art from famed illustrator Katsuya Terada. Developer 17-BIT mentioned that this port will be a spectacle when it hits the PS VR2 on launch, rivaling the power of high-end PC VR titles.

After the Fall – Complete Edition

After the Fall artwork
Image Source: Vertigo Games

After the Fall is, as the name implies, players must survive a zombie apocalypse set in the snowy 1980s. Fear not; the journey is not yours alone, as up to four friends can join to make the task of surviving much easier and more enjoyable.

The Complete Edition gives the PS VR2 the best version to date of the title, as it includes all of the content updates After the Fall has received since it launched in 2021. New modes, locations, and threats have been added to the game’s solid core formula, which allows for crafting, upgrading, and wielding plenty of weapons to thin the hordes.

Vertigo Games has taken advantage of the PS VR 2’s technology with a much-improved field of view, haptic feedback, 4K HDR visuals, and full cross-platform play making this the complete edition to play.

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution is looking to build off the success the first chapter found by creating a zombie survival experience like no other, inspired by the well-known comic book series created by Robert Kirkman.

The second chapter takes players on a tour through New Orleans, picking up right after the events of the first chapter. Taking on fights with Walkers, traveling through New Orleans at night to collect better gear, and evading the terrifying “AxeMan” are just a few activities players will participate in as they aim to survive New Orleans. 

This is all amplified by the power of PS VR2 as higher quality visuals will make the experience more satisfying, 3D audio helps determine incoming hostiles from any direction, and the lauded Sense controllers make weapon wielding feel as real as possible. 

Among Us VR

Imposters Beware, Among Us VR Is Coming in November

Among Us took over the gaming industry in 2020’s pandemic world as gamers realized they couldn’t trust their gaming groups as much as they thought they could. By now, the formula for Among Us has been set in stone; up to 10 players join a match and must complete tasks while dodging the “Impostor,” who is a killer. Through deduction, and plenty of hilarious moments, the Impostor’s identity must be revealed, or the entire lobby loses the game and their lives.

It’s not known how different this experience will be on Sony’s new headset, but given the nature of the release date trailer, it seems that Among Us VR could completely change into a horror experience.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip artwork
Image Source: Cloudhead Games

In recent years, rhythm shooters have caught a ton of steam for switching up the standard formula of shooters. Inspired by action movies like John Wick and Equilibrium, Pistol Whip looks to follow said sentiment, and it accomplishes that by thrusting players into a VR setting.

Pistol Whip leans heavily into the previous ideology, as it ushers players into a variety of scenes inspired by big-name action films, stylized in highly colorized visuals. Players will get access to various weaponry and be able to customize the game to their liking through the Styles system as they ascend the leaderboards.

The PS VR2 port will take advantage of the system’s improved features that are well-known by now: improved visuals, haptic feedback, and finger touch detection making sure you never miss a beat.

2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star

2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star artwork
Image Source: Truant Pixel

Finally, after 27 other titles, PS VR2 has its first sports VR title coming from Truant Pixel. 2MD: VR Football Unleashed All-Star is a unique take on the football formula, as it primarily throws players into smaller crunch time drills where there’s two minutes on the clock to execute a play to secure the win.

This time around, Truant Pixel is significantly expanding the game to include longer exhibition matches for more football, which is never a bad thing, given the release coincides with the end of the NFL season. There are plenty of options outside of gameplay, as players can create teams, customize logos, draw up plays in VR, and travel to up to 60 stadiums full of fans. The arcade take looks like a fun one, and as we get closer to launch, expect more details on how the PS VR2 will boost this title.

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection artwork
Image Source: Coatsink

Rounding out the list is a fresh take on Jurassic Park. Set between the events of Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, players crash land on Isla Nublar, and find themselves in a game of survival against ferocious dinosaurs in a research facility.

This package features Part 1 and Part 2 of the story while boasting a talented cast of voice actors, with Laura Bailey playing the lead and Jeff Goldblum reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm. The might of the PS VR2 makes this title run smoothly at a targeted 4K display at 90fps, which helps capture the unique art style this title brings.

Developer Coatsink has improved other areas by adding volumetric lighting, enhanced post-processing effects, and faster loading times, making this quite the survival experience. Rounding out the game is the all-new Dino Viewer, an in-game museum that lets players view dinosaurs without fear of being consumed.

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