6 Ways the Sims 4: Get to Work Is a Step in the Right Direction for EA


An Expansion That Actually Adds a Lot? Wow!


Remember those packs for The Sims 3 that only added a slew of aesthetic changes? Or maybe even The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat’s bullshit content? EA really set us up to believe that The Sims 4’s expansions would be as awful as that lackluster addition. Oh, we can build campfires for $20? Riveting!

But lo and behold, The Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack has released and it’s not a scam. Well, if you’re a Sims fan it’s not. People not used to having to pay for so many expansions might still be turned off. Sims fans rejoice, EA has heard us, if only just a little bit. They added back swimming pools for free, added two careers, gave us back basements, and added family trees back for free. Now, with The Sims 4: Get to Work, they’re really showing that they know they messed up.


Careers Are a Step Above The Sims 3: Ambitions


The Sims 3: Ambitions idea was cool but left much to be desired. You’d be stuck doing pretty mundane things in a lifeless seeming building or just on your own in the world. With Get to Work, your sims can either be scientists, detectives, or a doctor. Finally, you can make your Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Scrubs scenarios become a reality in The Sims.

With each career, you’re going to a whole new building to spend your work day as productively as possible. They work a lot like social events in that within a set time you’ll need to perform enough actions to raise the bar of your productivity. Each career path has their own specific tasks you can do and you’ll unlock more and more things to do as you progress up the ranks.


Also, the new machine at the hospital for delivering babies is the same one as the surgery one. It’s terrifying. Ah, the miracle of child birth.


You Can Own a Business?! Okay!


The Sims 4: Get to Work packs in the unexpected retail store simulator. Kind of like The Sims 3: Island Paradise and how you could run a resort, except this time you’re running a retail store. You can customize everything about your store right down to the items you’ll sell and the employee uniforms. Schmooze your customers and make the sale!


Welcome Back, Aliens


Aliens make their very welcomed return in The Sims 4. They decided to come back with a bang, as now you can actually visit their home. While there’s not much to do there besides explore the new place and get your intergalactic woohoo on, it’s nice to see and opens up potential opportunities in future expansion packs. Plus, abductions and alien babies are back. Beware the beam of light.


Take ALL the Selfies


With this expansion, they introduced photography back into the series. It’s a lot sleeker and funner to level up this time around (hi, selfies), so you won’t find the annoying hiccups that came along with The Sims 3’s introduction of the skill. Although it’s still awkward to position your sim a certain way before you can take a photo of something in particular, since you won’t be able to move around while looking through the lens.


New Stuff Is Always Good, Keep it Coming

As per usual, this new expansion not only brings in the careers, businesses, and aliens; but a plethora of new items, hair, and clothing. It’s always a plus to have updates to the very parts of the game that make it such a fun and engaging simulator. You’ll be surprised by the amount of new items, and even find new ways to roleplay with the new career based items. Make your own medical room for your Asylum challenge playthrough or fill your new basement with prison cells for a sick dungeon.



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