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Steam Summer Sale Day 2 Flash Sale: Valiant Hearts, Octodad, and More


Steam Summer Sale Day 2 Flash Sale: Valiant Hearts, Octodad, and More

I blame Steam for this epidemic of instant gratification.

Just checking in, ladies and gentleman. We are into Day 2 of the Steam Sale. We’ve already seen the the release of a new wave of Daily Deals. Feel free to check out our guides for today’s best picks and the round-up for Day 2 sales. We have also provided a round-up for the first wave of the Day 2 Flash Sale! Not in the red, yet? Somewhat succeeding in the art of delayed gratification? If the answer is yes – well, here’s another curveball coming you way!

The second wave of the Steam Summer Sale Day 2 Flash Deal is currently live. This wave’s selections is an eclectic and diverse mix. While this wave’s flash does not feature as many franchise packs the prior ones had, one should not scoff at the iconic Command & Conquer franchise, which each of the games are going for 78% off. Thus, each installment goes for in between $3 and $4!

The remainder of the individual titles involve a number of critically acclaimed independent titles including the critically acclaimed, comic book-styled war game Valiant Hearts or the underrated, but very well received post-apocalyptic action/adventure game Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition. 

Here is a complete list of the available titles and their prices for wave 2 of today’s Flash Sale:

  • Command & Conquer franchise – 78% off
  • Crypt of the Necroancer – $7.49, 50% off
  • Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Premium Edition – $4.99, 75% off
  • Hunie Pop – $4.99, 50% off
  • Legend of Grimrock II – $5.99, 75% off
  • Magicka – $2.49, 75% off
  • Miscreated – $7.59, 60% off
  • Nidhogg – $1.49, 90% off
  • Octodad – $3.74, 75% off
  • PES2015: Pro Evolution Soccuer – $14.99, 25%
  • Risk of Rain – $2.49, 75% off
  • Rogue Legacy – $2.99, 80% off
  • Turbo Dismount – $2.49, 75% off
  • Valiant Heart: The Great War – $3.74, 75% off
  • Victor Vran – $11.99, 40% off

Go visit the Steam Store page to check out these deals and the Day 2 Daily Deals! Have fun shopping, dear friends!

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