bethesda shows gameplay trailer for starfield xbox games showcase

Xbox Games Showcase Gives a Starfield Gameplay Preview, Showing Weapons, Environments & Characters

You're going to have plenty of galaxy to journey through.

During the Xbox Games Showcase but still prior to the Starfield Direct, Bethesda showcased some new gameplay for their upcoming open-space RPG, Starfield. The preview showcased some of the new environments, combat and story to give players a clearer concept of the game’s stellar scale.

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The showcase gave some insight into what some of the worlds in the game are going to look and feel like, as well as showing off the mix of the first-person and third-person combat. The preview gave a slight glimpse of what the story will entail, providing more context for this new adventure.

Viewers experienced with Bethesda’s previous games will immediately notice similarities between Starfield’s gameplay and that of the Fallout series. The gameplay looks familiar, but with the added spin of being in space and dealing with everything that entails. It will be interesting to see how much the setting affects the feeling of the gameplay in the final product.

While the trailer only served as a sort of teaser for the actual Starfield Direct after the Xbox Showcase, it did still remind the viewers that the release date is September 6, 2023. This marks the game as being only a few months away, after what Bethesda described as being “25 years in the making.”

The preview has plenty of snippets of gameplay showing different characters, weapons and locations, but Bethesda left most of the information for the full Starfield Direct. Check back here for more on the Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct.

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