World of Final Fantasy’s Cute New Trailer Welcomes You to the World of Grymoire

A new kind of Final Fantasy.

It’s going to be a big fall season for Final Fantasy, with not only one but two titles hitting within the span of one month. The first is of course the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV, with the second being the cutesy take on the series, World of Final Fantasy. Square Enix released a new trailer today, showing off plenty of adorable characters and the expansive world of Grymoire players will be exploring.

The trailer also shows off a size changing mechanic that changes the main characters from chibi to full size, letting you strategize in battle. World of Final Fantasy also lets you call in characters from across the series as summons to help you in battle. You can see a few of these near the end of the trailer, including Lightning from XIII and Cloud from VII.

World of Final Fantasy focuses on two siblings, Lann and Reyne, as they’re thrust into the world of Grymoire which is inhabited by characters and creatures from the Final Fantasy series. They’ve both lost their memories and hold a mysterious power in one of their arms, as they set out on a journey to recover their memories. The game is meant to be a more accessible Final Fantasy title, compared to other titles in the series. That won’t cut down on content however, as the main story of the game is reportedly around 100 hours long.

World of Final Fantasy releases on October 25, for PlayStation 4 and Vita. Square Enix also announced three different editions of the game today, including a Collector’s Edition that comes with a pop-up book.



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