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War of the Visions Adds Queen Macherie as a 100-Cost Unit to the Roster this Week

war of the visions queen macherie

War of the Visions Adds Queen Macherie as a 100-Cost Unit to the Roster this Week

The Illustrious Queen joins the fray.

It’s been a quiet few weeks for War of the Visions, but things are slowly starting to ramp up once again as we get closer to the Final Fantasy XIII event and Final Fantasy Tactics rerun later this year. To kick things off, Square Enix and Gumi have announced a new UR 100-cost unit arriving this week, Macherie (Queen of Hourne).

You can check out her reveal trailer down below:

And here’s a short preview of her kit:

  • Queen’s Gambit: Lowers Earth Res of targets within range for 3 turns, then deals Dmg (L) based on caster’s MAG stat.
  • Glimmer of Conviction: Destroys any barrier that reduces Magic Dmg on targets within range, then deals Dmg (L) based on caster’s MAG stat.
  • Steel Determination: Bestows Reraise on self, allows unit to automatically recover from KO status once per battle (Min HP Recovery), and raises own CT (S) after reviving with Reraise and significantly reduces Attack Ability Activation Time for 3 turns.

Queen Macherie will have the Steeled Queen main job, as well as Arithmetician and Time Mage as her sub-jobs.

She’s not time-limited either, which means that she’ll get added to the general pool after this week. That said, 100-cost units have much lower drop rates than other UR units, so pulling her in the general pool may be difficult.

War of the Visions is now available on mobile devices.

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