A Twisted New Body Dysmorphia Romantic Film Looks Gruesomely Unique
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A Twisted New Body Dysmorphia Romantic Film Looks Gruesomely Unique

Nothing is scarier than relationships.

Some movie trailers do their best to push all the information you might need before the premiere to let you properly gauge your interest. Other trailers don’t care about all that and only want to show you a series of odd sequences you cannot piece together, but know you’ll watch it just to find out exactly what the film is about. In case you were unaware, Woman of the Photographs is entirely the latter.

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According to the trailer’s description, the film revolves around Kai, a photographer who is afraid of women. A chance meeting with Kyoko, a model who suffers from body dysmorphia, pulls him into a “twisted romance.” Kai becomes focused on saving Kyoko, even at the cost of himself.

Based on the trailer, Kyoko seems to have some fixation on Photoshop, as the program makes several appearances throughout the trailer. Anything could happen in the movie depicted in that trailer, even some cannibalism, based on the unsettling amount of focus on a praying mantis and the fact that the female eats the male after mating.

Those familiar with Takashi Miike’s 1999 film Audition might notice the inspiration it obviously serves, as that movie also involved a mysterious and dangerous woman suddenly entering the life of a lonely man.

Woman of the Photographs will get a small theatrical release on Feb. 3, followed by a release on VOD platforms like Amazon Prime and VUDU on Feb. 7. Judging by the blu-ray listing of the film on the website of distributor Dread (which also distributed the Terrifier films), Woman of the Photographs will also include an English dub. That same web page will let you pre-order a physical copy of Woman of the Photographs for a later release on March 14.

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