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Troy Baker: “I Don’t Want to Be in Every Game”


Troy Baker: “I Don’t Want to Be in Every Game”

Even Troy Baker thinks too much Troy Baker is a bad thing.

Despite his popularity as a video game voice actor, and despite some fans hoping otherwise, Troy Baker doesn’t want to saturate the market with himself. In a recent interview with Twinfinite at Sydney’s Supanova convention, Baker spoke on his prolific career, and how a controlled variety is necessary to keep his work interesting and unique.

“At some point, I don’t want to be in every game,” Baker said on selecting roles. “I don’t want to oversaturate the market with myself, so there are times when I go, ‘yeah, we’re going to have to pass on this’, but what that does is it gives [me] the opportunity to really give all of [my] energy into the projects that I am attached to.” Sometimes, Baker tells us, this means recommending better actors for the part, a humble move many of gaming’s most notorious voice actors have made a habit of.

“There’s projects we get approached with that either are repeating a beat or something that we’ve done before, or honestly I feel like there’s someone who could do it better,” he said. “I’m not alone in this, there’s several people – Nolan [North]’s done this, Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Roger Craig Smith.”

“We believe that we’re going to work and a career is not a culmination of jobs, it’s a culmination of relationships,” Baker continued, adding that even if it means he will not get to work with a studio he respects, he will choose to build a relationship and do them a service by passing the name of a person more fit for the role.

Baker has become a high profile voice actor in recent years, playing a number of roles including Kanji in the PlayStation Vita remaster, Persona 4 Golden, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s Talion and most recently, Nathan Drake’s brother in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sam Drake. He was also recently confirmed to be playing the voice of Batman and Bruce Wayne in Telltale Games’ upcoming take on the Batman series.

“There was a lot that was supposed to be revealed at E3 and then everyone decided to wait”, he said regarding future projects. “Very soon we’ll be able to know about these projects but I was glad to at least get some of the steam off by Telltale announcing Batman.”

Are you excited to see Troy Baker taking on Batman? Let us know in the comments below!

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