Tokyo Game Show 2020 Gets First Details; Will Feature Next-Gen Consoles & New Cloud Gaming Area

Today the CESA, that organizes Tokyo Game Show every year, reached out with a press release including the first details of the event.

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Logo

Today the CESA (Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association), that organizes Tokyo Game Show every year, reached out with a press release including the first details.

First of all, we learn about the theme for the exhibition that will run between September 24 and September 27 at the traditional Makuhari Messe venue in Chiba, near Tokyo.

The theme is “The Future Touches Gaming First,” with the promise to feature next-generation consoles, and new technologies like 5G and cloud gaming.

“The theme of TGS2020 is “The Future Touches Gaming First.” Games are the most updated and accessible means to experience the emerging technologies that will unlock new possibilities for the future. With the theme of this year, the event expects to provide an opportunity for people to touch and play the latest games and immerse themselves in the feel of an exciting future that is just around the corner.

Featuring novel game consoles for the next generation, TGS2020 is sure to attract even more attention from around the world. The event will focus on the full-fledged launch of cloud gaming and its advanced gaming environment such as the start of 5G services for commercial use, and will boost the unprecedented gaming experience brought by new platforms. Moreover, TGS2020 will host the area where visitors can explore “new frontiers” of games through crossing over with education, fashion, arts and other industries.

TGS2020 will team up with various popular influencers from Japan and overseas to create buzz prior to the event, not only for visitors but also for game fans who cannot be at the venue on the event days. Through tie-ups with domestic and overseas media partners and multiple video platforms, the latest news on the event will be released in Japanese, English and Chinese to reach the growing number of online viewers on a global scale.

In the e-Sports field, which is attracting increasing attention also from outside of the game industry, this year’s event again plans to hold various championships at the giant “e-Sports X (Cross)” stage (details to be announced in April). In addition to upgraded online streaming services, TGS will also offer the unique way to enjoy e-Sports for visitors.”

We also get a sort of “mission statement” to match the theme.

“We believe that ahead of all else, gaming is what has brought ever evolving technology to our everyday lives.

This has remained unchanged throughout the generations.

Even if intellectually we understand the latest technologies we hear about on the news, they still seem like innovations from the distant future.

But this is far from true.

TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020 aspires to be a place where all people can experience the excitement and potential of cutting-edge technology through gaming.

Step into a perfectly synched world where all people transcend space and time, and discover the potential of games that rise above convention to change the future in various fields.

The evolution of technology and the power of gaming are realizing an increasingly exciting future.

Come experience it for yourself, here at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020.

Don’t miss TOKYO GAME SHOW 2020, the festival of games gathering much attention from all over the world.”

Speaking of cloud gaming, it’ll have a dedicated area this year. The Cloud Gaming Area is described as follows:

“This area exhibits various game streaming services, their peripheral devices and infrastructure for providing these services.”

The second new area is the Game X Fashion Area.

“This specialized area exhibits for apparel goods that collaborates with video game contents.”

The rest of the areas are similar to what we saw in past years. We’ll be able to visit the General Exhibition Area, the Smartphone Game Area, the Game School Area, the Indie Game Area, the e-Sports Area, the VR / AR Area, the Merchandise Sales Area, and the Family Game Park.

Traditional events mostly for media and industry professionals like the TGS Forum, Sense of Wonder Night, and the International Party will also make a comeback.

Of course, Twinfinite will be on the show floorat Tokyo Game Show like last year, ready to report on everything relevant we happen to run across.

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