This Steam Game Smashes the Previous Pricing Record, Costs $500,000
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A $500,000 Game Has Trolled Steam’s Highest Price Record

Look before you leap.

Steam is one of PC’s biggest storefronts, as thousands of users log in every day looking to play a variety of titles or to get the best deals on today’s latest hits. The storefront also does a lot for its community, as it allows up-and-coming talent to showcase their titles, with some very promising content hitting Steam.

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That said, Steam has also been the subject of exploits and bugs regarding the process of publishing titles, and it’s never been clearer than Laptop gaming’s MEGAJUMP. The developer for this title has managed to price his game at an absurd $502,634.46 after a random exploit allowed him to do this. 

The developer’s statement is found front and center of his game’s page, as he says:

DON’T BUY FOR 500K, I wanted to test the limits of steam pricing.”

The issue in question is that when a developer submits a title to be sold on Steam, it enters a process of “Price Request,” and as the name implies, is the period where a developer defines how much the title will retail for. However, during this developer’s experience, he encountered an exploit that allowed him to change the price, which he certainly did.

This incident comes on the heels of a Steam game that previously held the crown for the most expensive title on the storefront, retailing for $2000, and unfortunately turned out to be quite a disappointment. However, the good news for Laptop gaming and fans of what the title holds, the reviews are positive for the 3D platforming adventure.

Unfortunately, those interested will have to wait 30 days for the price to drop to a realistic price. Of course, unless $500,000 is readily available!

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