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This $100 Poke Ball Collector’s Item Must Never Be Thrown and Contains No Pokemon

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This $100 Poke Ball Collector’s Item Must Never Be Thrown and Contains No Pokemon

The Wand Company has revealed the first-ever officially licensed die-cast Poke Ball replica that comes straight out of the Pokemon franchise. It’s a premium collectible for the most hardcore Pokemon fans out there as it costs a whopping $100 and can be pre-ordered now from several retailers.

The Poke Ball is scheduled to ship worldwide on Pokemon Day next year, which falls on Feb. 27, 2021. The shell of the Poke Ball is sensitive to touch and has technology that senses nearby movement. The light on the button will begin to illimuniate as your hand approaches it and the closer you get, the more the light will glow.

You can even press the button itself to initiate the iconic Pokemon-catching sequence from the anime and series of games, you know, for that extra touch.

Each Poke Ball comes with a very fancy case that can be left open or closed, depending on how you would like it to be presented in your home or office or wherever.

It’s worth noting that in the frequently-asked questions section of the product page, the manufactur states that this replica Poke Ball “must never be thrown.” It’s not a toy, so make sure not to bonk it over the head of a kid or a pet or something.

And unfortunately, the Poke Ball cannot open up and there’s no Pokemon inside. It’s a shame.

You can watch a video trailer down below for the Poke Ball, and if you’re interested in purchasing this bad boy, you can check out these retailers: AmazonBig Bad Toy, and Zavvi.

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