There’s a Monster Hunter Rise Bug that Can Break Your Save File, Here’s How to Avoid It

monster hunter rise

Monster Hunter Rise has a big launch weekend, and so far, we’re really enjoying our time with the game as well. That being said, players should certainly be careful as there’s a new bug that can potentially lock your save file and prevent you from logging in.

It’s worth noting that Capcom is already aware of the bug, and is actively working on a fix for it. Essentially, if you set either the Action or Hurt DLC poses (or both) to your action bar or radial menu in the game, and then quit out, the next time you boot up the game, you won’t be able to load your save.

It’s still possible to use these poses without breaking your save, but you need to use them from the start menu itself instead of assigning them to your action bar or radial menu. Capcom tweeted out about the bug today and informed players of the issue, and a fix should be coming soon.

In the meantime, be careful with those gestures while playing. Monster Hunter Rise is now available on Switch.

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