The Wait Is Over; Hunter X Hunter Manga Officially Has a Return Date

Hunter x Hunter is an iconic manga series and it is nice that it is coming back to a page near us.

The Wait Is Over; Hunter X Hunter Manga Officially Has a Return Date

The wait is nearly over for all the fans of Hunter x Hunter. While the news broke back in July that Yoshihiro Togashi had completed chapter 391 after a multiple-year hiatus, there hadn’t been any news on when we could actually read the new material. With a new tweet from Shonen Jump, we have a date for when the new chapters will be released to the public and their subscribers at large.

Starting Oct. 23, new chapters will be arriving on Viz Media for subscribers to read. Though, the three most recent chapters are always free for anyone to read. In that same vein, all chapters of Hunter x Hunter have been released through the Shonen Jump digital vault today. This means every single chapter from 1 to 390 can currently be read on the Viz Media site so fans and new readers can catch up before the new material starts rolling in. While a subscription is needed to read every chapter, the first three chapters of the series are free to anyone.

You can find the important announcement tweets below this before you rush off to go read through all 390 chapters of Hunter x Hunter.

The digital vault announcement can similarly be found below.

Considering that after all these years Bleach is finally being wrapped up with the Thousand Year Blood War getting adapted, the same could perhaps happen with Hunter x Hunter and the new material.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments that come from this announcement.

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