The Pokemon Company Has Outlined Its Plans for Pokemon Day 2022

pokemon day 2022

February 27 is Pokemon Day, the day that the Pokemon franchise began with its first video game. Every year, the Pokemon Company recognizes it, and usually, there are some sorts of celebrations. The Pokemon Company has just outlined its plans for Pokemon Day 2022, and this year, it’s lasting an entire week.

The lead-up to the special anniversary day involves updates and announcements on various games in the franchise, starting today on February 21 all the way through February 26.

Here is the schedule of which games and events will have announcements on each day:

February 21 – Pokemon Masters EX
February 22 – Pokemon Sword & Shield
February 23 – Pokemon Cafe Remix
February 24 – Pokemon Unite
February 25 – Pokemon Music Video
February 26 – Pokemon Go

You can stay up to date on the announcements for each of these by visiting Pokemon’s official social media accounts.

The Pokemon Day event for Pokemon Masters EX has already been revealed. Starting today for the next 10 days, you can scout 10 sync pairs per day at no cost. Also, May & Latias will debut on February 28, and Victory Road will be available on February 24. You can read more about this campaign right here.

There will be additional celebrations in the mix. The official Pokemon Center website will be revealing new products all week long, such as custom skateboards and more.

There is no official word if there will be another Pokemon Presents or something similar on the actual day of the anniversary, but we’ll have to stay tuned to see if the company has more to share.

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