The Minecraft Community Answers the Age-old Question: “Can it Run Doom?”

Doom literally runs on anything.

doom Image via id Software

In the world of gaming, there are many questions gamers ask like, ” What’s the refresh rate,” and, “How is it already 4 AM?” But one is held high above them all, and that is, “Can it run Doom?” This question is usually asked of the most improbable hardware like a pregnancy test or a printer. This is where the best-selling game of all time comes into the mix. As it turns out, Doom can run anywhere.

Reddit user ZeppyTube posted a video recently that shows off their creation, E1M1 running in Minecraft. Now before you get too excited, no, this isn’t like the hard drive or calculator someone created in the game. It’s just a world that looks like the first level of the classic PC FPS.

As one might expect, this isn’t the first time someone attempted to create the classic E1M1 level in Minecraft. Yet, this one may be one of the best-looking and sounding examples to date. Despite the level’s lack of enemies and the relatively slow movement speed, it’s a solid base for building on if ZeppyTube or someone else wants to actually make it like the original Doom in Minecraft.

The little Doom screen that self-builds at the end of the level is pretty neat too. The colors aren’t exactly perfect, but they look good enough considering the constraints of what colored blocks are available in Minecraft.

Now the next step is to ask if it can run Crysis, but the modding community is probably a few years out on that one considering that people aren’t really running Windows 7 virtual machines in there yet.

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