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SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith Expansion Launches Dec. 14

Today, Bioware revealed the official release date for Legacy of the Sith, its upcoming expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic. The news came by way of a livestream event for the game, unveiling that players won’t have to wait much longer, as SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith launches on PC on Dec. 14, 2021.

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SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith was originally announced back in July during the 10-year anniversary celebration of the game. The update is set to add plenty of new stories, features, combat, and character to the game, including new Flashpoint and Operation missions.

A handful of new and returning characters were also revealed during the livestream, which we’ve included for you below:

Returning Characters:

  • Darth Malgus: This sinister Sith made his return in the Onslaught expansion, serving as the main villain protagonists. He continues his evil ways in Legacy of the Sith, though he’s now gone rough from the Empire.
  • Major Anri: Another returning Imperial face from Onslaught, Major Anri once again leads her team of Commandos in the hopes of getting the job done.
  • Arn Peralun: While we first met him as a Jedi Padawan, this cybernetic force user has since graduated to the station of Jedi Knight. He plays a large role in assisting Republic players throughout Legacy of the Sith.
  • Lana Beniko: Everyone’s favorite Dark side companion returns, and is as reasonable, calculating, and loyal as ever.
  • Tau Idair: One of the best lightsaber fighters in the Republic is back to put her talents to good use.
  • Darth Rivix: Whlie charming, this Imperial liason to the Emporer is still as deadly as ever.

New Characters:

  • Colonel Gallo: A female Selkath and leader of Manaan’s special forces. While she doesn’t trust either the Republic or Empire, she works alongside the Light side to repel the invading darkness.
  • Colonel Korrd: This Empire officer is as by the book as they come, serving as a poster boy for the stiff upper lip of the order. He serves as Major Anri’s commanding officer.
  • Darth Norok: While he may love the logistical side of things, Darth Norok isn’t a man to be trifiled with on the battlefield either. He has never lost a Lightsaber duel and aims to conquer the entire planet of Manaan.

You can check out an official description of the expansion below:

Legacy of the Sith will continue the game’s storyline, sending players on a military campaign to secure the aquatic planet Manaan for their faction as they uncover the ultimate plan of Darth Malgus, the renegade Sith.

The expansion also introduces redesigned combat styles, a new feature that blends class abilities, and an array of quality-of-life upgrades. Combat styles will allow players to independently choose a specific class story and combine it with ability sets from other related tech or Force-wielding classes.

New and old players alike can look forward to revamped character-creation system, featuring greater customization than ever before. And several game elements have been overhauled, including global rebalancing of gameplay and enemy encounters, updates to itemization, and character loadouts.

SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith is set to launch on Dec. 14, 2021, for PC. For more information on the update, be sure to check out the rest of Twinfinite, including a full preview of the new expansion.

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