SWTOR Update 7.1.1 Slated for Fall 2022; New Galactic Season, Bug Fixes, R-4 Anomaly Nerfs

BioWare plans to release Game Update 7.1.1 for Star Wars: The Old Republic in Fall 2022.

Developer BioWare announced via Twitter a big update for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Game Update 7.1.1 which will usher in new Outfitter features, nerfs and changes to R-4 bosses, and the start of Galactic Season 3, just to name a few.

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BioWare is aiming to release Game Update 7.1.1 in the Fall of 2022, even if that is subject to possible change.

The finer details of Galactic Season 3 are still under wraps, but community manager JackieKo did reveal the theme for the following season which is to be “Galactic Gaming.” At the same time Galactic Season 3 drops, you’ll also be able to participate in Feast of Prosperity and Conquest objectives in the Manaan Daily area.

Outside of the season, several bosses in R-4 Anomaly will be nerfed or adjusted such as:

  • A reduction to IP-CPT’s health (on Veteran)
  • A nerf to Overgrown Hallway (on Story Mode)
  • A reduction to Lady Dominique’s health (on Story Mode)
  • Nihrot’s damage will not be reflectable

In addition to the nerfs, a few bug fixes have been addressed such as Nihrot’s suppression grenades getting stuck in tentacles and IP-CPT falling through the floor.

Lastly, a surprising change will be coming to the CE vendor which has only ever been accessible to players who purchased the Collector’s Edition. BioWare will open the CE vendor for players who purchase an account-wide access pass, allowing them to enter the VIP area, speak to the CE vendor, and purchase Collector’s Edition items.

Featured Image Source: BioWare

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