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Final Fantasy XIV Survey Reveals a Significant Amount of Female Players

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Final Fantasy XIV Survey Reveals a Significant Amount of Female Players

Nobody can get enough of Final Fantasy XIV.

In a recent interview, creative producer Yoshi-P aka Naomi Yoshida Square Enix revealed a very even split between male and female players of Final Fantasy XIV.

The ratio was 7:3 in favor of men, though that figure was 5:5 on some Korean servers. For reference, Yoshida stated that other games recorded a greater bias toward male players. He mentioned the following stats:

  • Monster Hunter Frontier Online – 9:1
  • Dragon’s Dogma Online – 8:2
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 – 8:2

Comparatively, then, even the 7:3 ratio across world wide servers as a whole is still impressively inclusive of female players.

5:5 in Korea, however, is a stunningly equal balance. When quizzed about the reasons why, Yoshida noted that the game’s lack of nudity has meant that more female players have been allowed to play the game. Moreover, a famous painter has earned notoriety in Korea for his work depicting Final Fantasy XIV scenes, which are posted in Instagram. Yoshida made special mention of the fact that the female following for the game in Korea is clearly evident at conventions he has attended in the country.

It isn’t entirely clear what official data Yoshida is basing these ratios from, but it’s great to hear that Final Fantasy XIV being enjoyed by both male and female players.



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