Stylish Animated Horror, Subway Midnight, Chugs Its Way to Consoles Later This Year

Subway Midnight

During Playism‘s annual Japanese livestream earlier today, developer Bubby Darkstar’s stylish animated horror experience, Subway Midnight, was announced to be coming to consoles later in 2022. Unfortunately, the companies haven’t officially confirmed what specific consoles the game will launch on.

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To celebrate the news, though, the indie publisher dropped a freshly-cut trailer to showcase what players can expect from the spooky locomotive-centric title. Behold said footage down below:

Having originally released on PC back in 2021 to a ‘Very Positive’ Steam user review score, Subway Midnight is a unique horror title for a number of reasons. Firstly, its visual style constantly changes so prepare to get spooked in a variety of different color palettes and styles.

Next, the narrative tells a poignant story of anxiety and trauma with a rare dose of irreverent humor much akin to something like Double Fine’s excellent Psychonauts 2. Granted, Subway Midnight is more of a straight-up horror game, but it definitely strikes a similar tone to Raz’s acclaimed adventure.

For more information about Subway Midnight, here’s a general overview courtesy of the game’s official Steam page:

Board the train! Run away from a weirdo! Solve some puzzles! Make friends with some ghosts! Try not to become a ghost yourself!


A haunted-house style spookycute game set on a ghost-infested train, from the mind of Bubby Darkstar.


– A unique, constantly-changing visual style

– 100-ish train cars to explore

– A variety of bizarre puzzles

– 3 different endings across multiple playthroughs

– Way Too Many Ghosts

Best enjoyed in a dark room.


This game contains sequences of flashing lights that could trigger symptoms in some photosensitive players. Consult a doctor before playing if you have a history of seizures.

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