KOTOR: Episode One Fan-Made Star Wars Series Gets an Amazing Teaser Trailer

Go back to the beginning in the KOTOR fan Star Wars series.

Source: Unreal Cinema

Unreal Cinema has debuted the teaser trailer for an unofficial fan Star Wars series, Knights of the Old Republic: Episode One – The Spire. In this game recreation, we see the famous characters Avren (a variation of the main character) and Trask Ulgo on the Endar Spire, a familiar event within KOTOR’s beginning.

The first episode will feature other members, including Carth Onasi, Lt. Saran, and Darth Bandon. You can check out the trailer from Unreal Cinema here:

Since KOTOR was made in 2003, the graphics weren’t exactly top-tier, but now we can experience the story in a new light through modern technology. The team achieved this feat by utilizing AI Motion Capture, Unreal Engine’s Virtual Production Capabilities, and Reallusion animation software.

The fan-made show will be divided into three seasons, with Season 1 releasing 10 episodes every few months. Furthermore, the series’ voice cast has already been chosen and expressed their love for the Knights of the Old Republic.

This show isn’t the first time Unreal Cinema has produced an unofficial series since they’ve done a short film about Darth Malek, a Star Wars: The Old Republic character.

Fans have continued to praise the team for its breathtaking visuals of classic Star Wars games and storylines that expand the universe further.

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