Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher’s Upgraded to an Apple Vision Pro, Apparently

But... didn't Ubisoft just cancel a VR Splinter Cell game?

splinter cell remake sam fisher Image Source: Ubisoft

Have you ever wondered where in the world Sam Fisher is? It’s been a decade since the last Splinter Cell game, and the patience of fans is reasonably wearing thin. Where in the world is he? Well, playing with his new Apple Vision Pro, it seems.

Apple’s recent announcement of the VR/AR-mixed headset has obviously set off a wave of memes. From its unique goggle-like design to its massive price ($3,500, are you kidding?!), social media has been ripe with unique reactions. It appears video game companies are getting in on the fun too, as Ubisoft’s UK Twitter page tweeted their own image of Splinter Cell star Sam Fisher wearing an Apple Vision Pro over his typical goggles:

As Sam Fisher already wears his own pair of goggles, perhaps Ubisoft found it funny to imagine him throwing a headset over his goggles. That’s quite a move, honestly; I’ve heard of wearing VR headsets over your glasses, but never over your goggles. But as the tweet points out, “Sam Fisher has upgraded his gear…and iOS.”

This is fun and all, but naturally, fans in the replies are more concerned about something much bigger: where is Splinter Cell? As previously mentioned, the last game in this series came out 10 years ago, and we’ve heard little to nothing about the remake Ubisoft is working on.

Hell, a meme like this feels like an ironic twist given that a VR Splinter Cell game was recently canceled by Ubisoft… maybe the Apple Vision Pro is just a fashion statement. Perhaps with the Ubisoft Forward event coming up this month, we could see Sam Fisher back in action… with or without that headset on.

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