Spider-Man Miles Morales Update Adds 60FPS Mode With Ray Tracing

miles morales ray tracing

Late last night, Insomniac Games quietly released an update for the PS5 version of Spider-Man: Miles Morales that added a brand-new Performance RT mode. When this mode is selected in settings, you will get a constant framerate of 60fps with the next-gen ray tracing only available in the PS5 version of Miles Morales.

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The news of the new visual mode was first reported on Twitter by @GermanStrands and was later confirmed by a Tweet from the Insomniac Games Twitter account (below).

As GermanStrands reported, the Miles Morales 60fps ray tracing update will only take up 261.9 MB of storage space on the PS5’s SSD. And for that relatively small download, you get to experience one of the most impressive feats so far in this month-old generation.

The only caveat here is that we don’t yet have any information about the resolution yet. Both Fidelity and Performance modes feature 4K resolution with 30 and 60fps, respectively. Common sense says that this mode won’t be running in 4K, but we can’t confirm anything just yet.

As of right now, this is the only change we know of that came to the game with the update last night. But if Insomniac releases any more notes or details, then we’ll dig into that as well.

In the end, adding a 60fps mode with ray tracing to Spider-Man: Miles Morales is certainly one way of bringing back players who were on the fence about going for the platinum or just trying out new game plus.

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