Space Channel 5

Space Channel 5 Returns With Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!

Space Channel 5 fans, rejoice! You’ll be able to spend more time in Ulala’s world soon enough, as it appears the VR-focused HTC Vive title Space Channel 5: Ukikuki Viewing Show is coming westward as “Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash!” There’s no word on any sort of home release just yet, but it’s going to be shown off for now at the world’s largest VR show, VRLA.

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Grounding, Inc. previously demoed the game at Tokyo Game Show before announcing that it would make landfall as a full release for Japanese-only audiences with HTC Vives. Of course, that didn’t mean much for English-speaking players, since there wasn’t an announcement for those of us who don’t understand Japanese.

This will be the first full-fledged Space Channel 5 adventure since PlayStation 2’s release of both first games all those years ago. Does this bode well for Space Channel 5 as a franchise? Hopefully if it gets a retail Western release we’ll be able to see future installments in the wacky, out-there rhythm game cult classic. Are you looking to try out the latest of Ulala’s swingin’ report show? Let us know if you’ve missed the pink-haired reporter and all her shenanigans!

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