Sony Santa Monica Shares God of War Concept Art to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

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Sony Santa Monica is celebrating its 20th anniversary today by sharing key art from across the entire God of War franchise, created by both former and current artists of the studio.

I’ve listed the artist credits below and embedded a slideshow of the art, but if you want more details on the awesome stories behind each of these images then head on over the PlayStation Blog.

Artist credits:

  • Charlie Wen – Former Concept Artist – (“Kratos Legendary Napkin Design” – God of War)
  • Cecil Kim – Former Concept Artist – (“Suicide Bluffs – God of War”)
  • Scott Seeto – Former Concept Artist – (“Icarus” – God of War II)
  • Andy Park – Former Concept Artist – (“Kratos vs Poseidon” – God of War III)
  • Erik San Juan – Former Concept Artist – (“Amazonian Warrior” – Ascension)
  • Luke Berliner – Present, Lead Concept Artist – (“Canyon Bull” – Ascension)
  • Joe Kennedy – Present, Senior Concept Artist – (“The Hunt” – God of War 2018)
  • Yefim Kligerman – Present, Concept Artist – (“The Ancient” – God of War 2018)
  • Annis Naeem – Former Concept Artist – (“Helheim” – God of War 2018)
  • Jin Kim – Former Concept Artist – (“Helheim Hræsvelg” – God of War 2018)
  • Dela Longfish – Present, Lead Concept Artist – (“Draugr” – God of War 2018)
  • Abe Taraky – Present, Senior Concept Artist – (“Týr” – God of War 2018)
  • Vance Kovacs – (“A Call From The Wilds” – God of War 2018)
  • Jose Cabrera – (“Faye’s Funeral” – God of War 2018)

In related news, God of War director Cory Barlog recently sparked speculation with a cryptic Tweet.

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