Sea of Thieves Hits 25 Million Players; Rare to Celebrate With 25 Million Gold Giveaway

sea of thieves 25 million

Sea of Thieves has come a long way since its launch back in 2018, and while the sea… of thieves, has been rocky at times, the game has evolved and grown a lot over the years, and fans have rewarded Rare for sticking with it by hitting a major milestone this week. Rare announced today that Sea of Thieves has hit over 25 million players and to celebrate they are doing a big giveaway.

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Over the next week, starting today and ending on Oct. 26. anyone who logs into Sea of Thieves will receive 25,000 gold and 25 Doubloons as a free thank you. That’s not the real prize, though. One randomly picked player that turns in treasure of any kind during this time period will win 25 million gold. An insane bounty that will last that pirate pretty much a lifetime.

Although your odds are winning are potentially… one in 25 million, it’s still a pretty enticing reward. It’s basically winning the pirate lotto. It doesn’t take a whole lot to log in, get your free bonus, and then quickly turn in some treasure to put yourself in the running.

So if you have any interest in Sea of Thieves whatsoever, log in and get that done before the week is up. And, if you haven’t played in a long time, it might be worth sticking around to check out all of the new additions over the last year or two including the Pirate’s Life/Jack Sparrow crossover Tall Tales.

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