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Sea of Thieves Celebrates 10 Million Players Since Launch

sea of thieves

Sea of Thieves Celebrates 10 Million Players Since Launch

Developer Rare Studios is today celebrating a big milestone for its seafaring multiplayer game Sea of Thieves. 10 million players have sailed across its waves since launch, we’re told, as the team includes a note of appreciation.

Sea of Thieves launch, if you remember, was mired by strong criticism of its lacking content and story offerings. But it’s since weathered the storm and continued to push forward with a number of expansions to keep players interested.

It surely sits alongside other live games like No Man’s Sky that have managed to survive thanks to a solid post-launch support plan. The most recent update saw the biggest content addition yet with Fort of the Damned, which is the Old Boot Fort location transformed with new challenges.

Moving forward, there are plans to potentially allow players to roleplay as a Gold Hoarder, a Merchant, or a bounty hunter from the Order of Souls, creating an interplay of factions within the world.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and PC, both as a standalone purchase and via Xbox Game Pass.

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