Sandshrew & Sandslash Poke Lids Installed in Japan’s Tottori Prefecture

Poke Lids are Pokemon-themed manhole covers that have been popping up over several regions of Japan. They were first introduced in late 2018, with the installation of an Eevee Poke Lid in Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture.

We reported earlier this year on other new Chansey-themed Poke Lids that were being installed in Fukushima Prefecture and now there are new Sandshrew and Sandlash-themed lids coming to Tottori Prefecture.

These Pokemon were chosen for the area simply because of the large sand dunes that occupy the prefecture, making it the perfect home for Sandshrew and Sandslash.

If you were wondering what exactly these Poke Lids are for, they’re meant to revitalize Japanese cities and towns while also promoting more tourism.

And for those that enjoy playing Pokemon GO, you’ll be happy to know that each Poke Lid also acts as a Pokemon Stop, allowing folks to obtain rewards and check out more info on the specific design of the lid.

You can see some of the adorable designs down below for yourself:

poke lids, pokemon, japan, sandshrew, sandslash

You can also check out the locations of some of the Poke Lids down below, so if you were to someday visit the area, you can see the lids in person. Make sure to snap a photo!

poke lids, pokemon

You can look forward to more Poke Lid designs in the future as these will continue to be installed in Japan for decades to come.

Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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