Ratings Board Nearly Tossed Nintendo Labo in the Trash

One man's trash...


While other games industry titans are betting big on high-tech plastic and metal products like virtual reality headsets, Nintendo is betting big on high-tech…cardboard. Before it’s assembled, Nintendo Labo looks more like part of the box tech products come in that you throw away after opening rather than the actual tech products inside said box, and so someone very nearly did just that.

As was first reported by Glixel, the cleaning staff at Germany’s software ratings board USK was on its way to the trash with the Labo kits Nintendo had sent USK when someone caught them.

“FINALLY (emphasis theirs), we can tell the anecdote, as the latest Nintendo hardware was almost once disposed of by the cleaning staff as waste paper,” USK tweeted, according to Google Translate.

USK’s near miss serves as a cautionary tale for parents, spouses, etc. everywhere once gamers start buying Labo kits en masse after the first of the cardboard game sets launch April 20. Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s…Nintendo Switch game.

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