Puzzle Platformer Faerie Afterlight Has Found a Publisher for Steam Release

Faerie Afterlight Publisher Steam Release

In a press release, Faerie Afterlight developer Clay Game Studio have partnered with publisher Mastiff for the upcoming Steam release.

Though, despite the partnership the release date remains as a vague “coming soon” on Steam and the press release only promises “later this summer.”

Faerie Afterlight is summarized as:

The player controls Kimo and Wispy – a lonely creature from the depths and a young fairy– who must traverse the wistful world of Lumina to gather missing beams of light and save the world from unending darkness. While exploring hidden ruins and facing frightening enemies, the unlikely duo finds warmth in unexpected places and even more unexpected allies!

The Steam page describes the actual gameplay, saying:

Faerie Afterlight is a lovely, stylized platformer metroidvania laden with a rich story and haunting soundtrack. It’s a wistful adventure that takes us through a world unlike any other.

The press release offers several key features you can expect from Faerie Afterlight:

  • Manipulate Your Environment: Experience Wispy’s ability to move walls and platforms.
  • Grow Stronger: Jump walls with Spider Legs and dash with Beetle Horns as Kimo – who gains abilities from picking up parts of defeated bosses.
  • Friend or Foe? When faced with a terrifying enemy, either fight or make a friend!
  • Myriad Terrains: Hidden doors, secret nooks, and covered passages abound in a vast world filled with shadowed forests, cerulean seas, and graceful ruins.
  • Marketplaces: Purchase items for health and energy from merchants all across Lumina.

The Clay Game Studio posted a gameplay trailer for Faerie Afterlight over a year ago, and while it is a short 22 seconds, it gives you a good idea of how the main game will play. You can see it for yourself here or below:

Mastiff has published games such as the Heavy Fire series and Fight Crab for the Nintendo Switch.

At this time, Faerie Afterlight is only confirmed for Steam and can be added to your wishlist now.

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