PUBG Xbox One Update Nerfs Vehicles

And optimizes or fixes several other items.

pubg Vehicle nerf

Vehicles will no longer be quite as dangerous in Playerunknown Battlegrounds on Xbox One. In a post on the official PUBG forums this morning, Community Manager Andro Dars wrote that developer Bluehole is nerfing vehicles in an update this week due to player feedback.

Players on foot will now do increased damage when shooting or throwing grenades at vehicles and will also dole out “significant damage” when shooting vehicles’ wheels. Drivers and passengers will also take more damage when they crash a vehicle and the damage players on foot absord when run over will be lessened.

Additionally, the patch optimizes input lag, improves the aiming reticle’s “visual quality,” and fixes several bugs. The full patch notes can be read in the original forum post.

PUBG hit the Xbox One Game Preview in December 2017 and reached three million players one month later.

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