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Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Plushies Coming to Japan in November

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Starter Plushies Coming to Japan in November

So adorable!

According to Pokeshopper, plushies of the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters will launch in Japan in November.


23cm sized stuffed toys of the fire cat, sea lion and grass-flying type grass quill starters will launch in Japan alongside the release of the 3DS game on November the 18th, according to the Pokemon merchandise news channel. A western release date for the Litten, Rowlet and Popplio soft toys as well as plushie forms of other Sun and Moon creatures was not mentioned.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are the next mainstream games in the series launching on November the 18th this year for the 3DS. Salandit, a new lizard Pokemon was recently announced for the game, being the first poison and fire type in the series’ history.

A mobile location-based augment reality game, Pokemon Go!, based on the series also soft launched on July the 6th in Australia and New Zealand before releasing in the United States the following day.

Will you be buying one of these plushies? All of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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