Pokemon GO Fall 2022 Community Day Dates Announced

Fall 2022 Pokemon GO Dommunity Day and event dates have been announced.

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Earlier today, Niantic revealed the full lineup of dates that are currently planned for the upcoming Fall season Community Days in Pokemon GO. It looks like there will be three Community Days along with a Community Day Classic plus two more unannounced event dates to round out the game’s Fall 2022 schedule.

First up, there will be two previously unannounced events on Saturday, Sept. 3 and Sunday, Sept. 11. There is currently no information available on what these events will be called or what they’ll focus on. Then, the Community Day for September is going to take place on Sunday, Sept. 18.

After that, Pokemon GO players will have to look forward to the next Community Day event on Saturday, Oct. 15. Before the final Community Day of the Fall shows up in November, Community Day Classic will take place on Saturday, Nov. 5. Finally, Nov. 12 will bring a close to the Fall 2022 Community Days in Pokemon GO. Down below you can find a chart with the full schedule breakdown

Pokemon GO Community Day Fall 2022 Schedule

Event NameDate
Unannounced EventSaturday, Sept. 3
Unannounced EventSunday, Sept. 11
September 2022 Community DaySunday, Sept. 18
October 2022 Community DaySaturday, Oct. 15
November 2022 Community Day ClassicSaturday, Nov. 5
November 2022 Community DaySaturday, Nov. 12

As of right now, none of these events have any details released about them. This is just a notification from Niantic to let Pokemon GO players plan ahead to make sure that they’ll have adequate time to get out and enjoy each Community Day to the fullest.

Make sure to keep a close eye on the news here as we’ll be following all of the updates for these upcoming Community Days and events in Pokemon GO. You can check out the official announcement for these Community Day and event dates right here.

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