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Pokemon Go 2021 Recap Infographic Reminds Us How Popular it Still Is

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Pokemon Go 2021 Recap Infographic Reminds Us How Popular it Still Is

Niantic is celebrating another impressive year for its still-popular Pokemon Go AR mobile game. So incredible, in fact, that revenue estimations put 2021 as the game’s most successful year yet five years after its launch and despite COVID-19 stay-at-home measures in many countries.

An infographic highlights some interesting facts and figures, including a whopping 7 billion km walked and 2.9 billion Eggs hatched. Here’s the full overview via the company’s blog post earlier this week:

Niantic Key Highlights:

  • 7 billion km walked
  • 3.8M new wayspots added
  • Five acquisitions, two new games and a Lightship developer platform launch


  • 872 million Resonators deployed
  • 2.9 million Kinetic Capsule Programs completed
  • 354 billion XM recharged to Portal Jumpers
  • 43 million Drone flights flown

New features and events including:

C.O.R.E., NL-1331X US Summer Tour, Dronenet Layer, Niantic Social

Pokémon GO

  • 12 billion gifts sent
  • 2.9 billion Eggs hatched
  • 4.8 billion Team GO Grunts defeated

New features and events including:

Collection Challenges, GO Tour: Kanto, Remote Raids, 5th Anniversary, Postcard Collection

Pikmin Bloom (in two months)

  • 113.9 million Pikmin grown
  • 63.8 million flowers planted
  • 338 billion steps walked

In related news, Niantic announced yesterday that Spheal will be the first Pokemon featured for a Community Day in 2022.

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