PlayStation Plus Poll Shows Massive Drop in Customer Satisfaction

Not such a plus anymore.

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According to a recently released Reddit poll, the PlayStation Plus service has seen a massive drop in customer satisfaction, falling by 70% since 2012.

Taken from a group of 4000 people, the votes show that the current satisfaction rate with the service is a mere 23.1%, which is a huge drop from the over 95% that it was back in November 2012 – a year before the PlayStation 4 released and PlayStation Plus became mandatory for online play.

The dissatisfaction rate currently sits at a hefty 65.2%. It’s clear to see that the service has seen a dramatic drop in customer satisfaction then over the last three years – during the PS4’s lifetime. Players have been voicing their dissatisfaction online, with most of that dissatisfaction being aimed at the free games Sony have been giving out each month as part of the Instant Game Collection.

April’s batch of free games include the once Wii U exclusive survival game Zombi, and the online multiplayer shooter Dead Star.

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