No, This Isn’t WoW – Raids Are Coming to CoD MW2

No, This Isn’t WoW – Raids Are Coming to CoD Modern Warfare 2

Raids coming to Call of Duty Modern Warfare sounds like an insane idea that just might work.

It’s looking like Call of Duty finally wants a bigger piece of that Destiny pie, and it will be introducing a mode in Modern Warfare 2 that is specifically referred to as “Raids”.

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Raids won’t be something available at launch, so it’s likely we won’t learn more about them until the dust has settled after the game’s release. Though, just the idea of something on par with a Destiny raid in something as realistic and gritty as Call of Duty sounds cool while also outlandish.

While there’s nothing incredible detailed, we do know a little bit about these Raids. Raids will require a team effort of three players (again, very Destiny). There will be puzzles as well as combat, so there will certainly be more than just gunfights.

While we all know that Call of Duty isn’t a looter-shooter type of game, so the rewards have to be different. There will likely be unique blueprints available to players who can complete the raid(s).

While Raids aren’t something we can expect to see in the Beta, there are still plenty of things that players will be able to get their hands on starting tomorrow on PlayStation consoles. We will be covering the Modern Warfare 2 beta so expect tons of guides that will help players both with the beta and with the full game when it releases on Oct. 28.

Also happening today is Call of Duty Next, a big streaming event all about the future of Call of Duty, from Modern Warfare 2 and beyond. It is going on right now (at the time of writing). You can watch it for yourself below:

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