Nintendo Switch Has Officially Outsold the Wii U

And it only took less than a year.

Surprise, surprise: the ever so popular Nintendo Switch has overtaken the not so popular Wii U in sales. Nintendo’s most recent earnings report had an avalanche of impressive sales data, with tidbits including the mass success of Super Mario Odyssey as the Switch’s top-selling title. Nintendo revealed that the company has sold 14.86 million units by the end of the calendar year of 2017—compare that to the lifetime sales of the Wii U of 13.56 million consoles.

The Switch only launched in March of 2017, making this achievement even more so impressive. With a clearer message on the system’s features and capabilities reflected through its marketing campaign, it is no surprise that the idea of the Switch has resonated with consumers more so than that of the more nebulous Wii U. The Switch was also bolstered by a line-up of blockbuster first-party titles, including the aforementioned Super Mario Odyssey, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, Arms, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Pokken Tournament DX.

The previous quarter, with Black Friday and holiday occurring during that period, was largely successful for Nintendo, so much so that the company has adjusted its forecast for the fiscal year (which ends in March of 2018)—Nintendo expects to raise its operating profit by 33.3 percent, to $1.47 billion off $9.38 billion in revenue.

Nintendo announced some of the big titles coming to the platform this year in a Direct Mini, including Kirby Star Allies and plenty of ports. This April, Nintendo Labo will grace your Switch consoles with cardboard fun.


This post was originally authored by Chris Compendio.

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