Nintendo Sold Nearly 370K Mini Super Famicoms in Four Days

That's already way more Super NES Classic Editions than Nintendo sold in its entire launch month.

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom

Japanese launch sales numbers are in for the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom, and Nintendo has unsurprisingly sold quite a few of the retro consoles in its home country. Famitsu reports that consumers bought up 368,913 Mini Super Famicoms during the hardware’s first four days of availability.

The Japanese counterpart of North America’s Super NES Classic Edition launched later than the console did in other regions. While North American, European, and Australian retailers received the Super NES Classic Edition in late September, the Mini Super Famicom didn’t launch until October 5. Famitsu’s first sales numbers for the throwback console run through October 8.

Despite Nintendo asserting it would produce and ship far more stock of the Super NES Classic Edition/Mini Super Famicom than it did predecessor NES Classic Edition/Mini NES, the miniaturized early-90s console still sold out at most stores within hours of launching.

Still, it would appear Nintendo has made good on its promise to get more units into consumers’ hands. The NES Classic Edition sold about 196,000 units in its entire first month on sale in North America. Japan is obviously a much smaller market, but Nintendo still got almost 173,000 more units into consumers’ hands in just four days of the Mini Super Famicom being on sale.


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