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Nintendo of America & QA Worker Settle Their Labor Dispute

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Nintendo of America & QA Worker Settle Their Labor Dispute

A recent complaint comes to an end

Nintendo of America and a former QA Staff Member have reached a settlement regarding a Staffing Agent named Aston Carter. Earlier this year, the QA Staff Member Mackenzie Clifton filed a National Labor Relations Board complaint that accused Nintendo of America and Carter of firing them for “supporting a labor union,” claiming that it was done to “discourage union activities and/or membership.”

Recently, in a report from Polygon, Clifton reached an agreement with Nintendo for Carter to “take liability for the NLRB charge and pay the former QA worker $25,910 in back pay, damages, and interest,” according to settlement documents that the website obtained. Nintendo of America will also be posting a notice, both in email and on-site at its office, that will tell QA Workers of their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, and it must be done within 60 days.

Additionally, a spokesperson for Nintendo of America sent Polygon the following statement:

Nintendo is thankful that a resolution was reached in the NLRB matter so that we can continue to focus on ensuring that our working environment remains welcoming and supportive for all our employees and associates. That approach is fundamental to our company values. As part of the public settlement all parties remain obligated not to disclose Nintendo’s confidential business information and trade secrets, which are paramount to our development process and product offerings.

In addition to this labor dispute, a second charge was filed against Nintendo and Carter, claiming that the company fired a worker for “engaged in protected concerted activity.”

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