Nintendo Announces Switch Dock Sets for Australia and New Zealand

Good news for those down under.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently announced that it will be making Switch docks available to buy separately from the main console. This dock is currently only available in certain countries but is steadily rolling out across the globe.

Gamers in both Australia and New Zealand will be pleased to learn that Nintendo of Australia has announced the dock, which comes with HDMI cable, and AC adapter, will be available down under from May 26 for the price of AU$129.95. The single dock is just like the one you get when you buy the main console but is obviously a lot cheaper! As GameSpot reports, the dock will be useful to those who have multiple TVs on which they game.


Nintendo of Australia also recently announced that the 3DS game, Dr. Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training: Can You Stay Focused? will be available from July 29 for $AU$49.95.


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