New World’s Server Transfer Feature Gets Delayed; Players No Longer Able to Transfer Between Regions

new world

The ability to transfer characters between different servers has been a highly anticipated one ever since the launch of New World, Amazon Games’ ambitious pirate-themed MMORPG. As players had experienced long queue times, especially in the EU region, when it first release, Amazon assured players that character transfers would be available cross-region in a couple weeks so they could play in less populated servers first before linking up with their friends.

The feature has since been delayed, as announced in an update from the development team. As the team had uncovered some edge cases where the feature did not work as expected or performed up to their standards, they needed a bit more time to work on it, which is all well and good, until you get to the part where it’s stated that you won’t be able to move your characters between regions.

According to this new update, characters can only be moved to other servers within the same region, which has certainly caused a lot of backlash from the community.

There are a few other restrictions; for instance, you can’t move to a world that’s full or under maintenance, and you can’t move to one where you already have a character. These restrictions make sense, but being forced to stay within your own region will certainly invite a lot of critique, especially since it means having to start over completely fresh if you want to join up with your friends in other regions.

New World is now available on PC.

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