New Poke Ball Replicas Are Coming to the Pokemon Center Website

pokemon heal ball replica

The Pokemon Company, along with the Wand Company, has announced a new series of their die-cast Poke Ball replicas that will soon be available for purchase through the Pokemon Center website. Throughout 2022, the series will feature Poke Balls with the Heal Ball, Friend Ball, Quick Ball, and Cherish Ball designs.

This new series will start with the Heal Ball design, which can be preordered now at a cost of $99. Later in the year, the other designs will launch exclusively at the Pokemon Center for a limited time before becoming available at other retailers.

Each of the die-cast Poke Ball replicas have a motion-sensing, multicolor light and come inside a uniquely numbered case. You can see some pictures of what this new series, including the Heal Ball replica, looks like below.

This is the second series of Poke Ball replicas produced by the Wand Company; previously, they created replicas featuring the designs of the standard Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Dusk Ball, and Premier Ball. If you missed these, they’ll be available for purchase again later in the year.

You can head over to the Pokemon Center website if you would like to preorder the Heal Ball replica. If you want to read more about these special Poke Ball replicas, you can visit the Wand Company’s website right here, which has detailed information on all of their Poke Ball products.

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