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New Knuckle Sandwich Trailer Shows off Quirky RPG Gameplay

knuckle sandwich

New Knuckle Sandwich Trailer Shows off Quirky RPG Gameplay

Earlier today during the Day of the Devs stream, we got a brand-new look at Knuckle Sandwich, a quirky RPG in the style of Earthbound and Undertale. This game tells a tale that developer Andrew Brophy describes as a, “…personal game hiding inside an offbeat turn-based RPG.”

From the start, you can see the similarities to other RPG’s battle systems like Earthbound and Undertale but with its own twists and turns that make it unique. Like Earthbound, all the enemies are visible in the overworld. And just like Undertale, all the special moves bring up bite-sized mini-games.

Knuckle Sandwich also has a cartoonish art style that is filled with loud colors and 3D animated models for cutscenes. Despite the arresting visuals, the soundtrack is surprising chill by comparison. But of course, it picks up a bit during battles.

You can check out even more details than what was shown off in this trailer on the official Kickstarter page. You can also find the new trailer for Knuckle Sandwich down below (one hour and 39 minutes into the stream).

If you like Knuckle Sandwich and want to see all the other reveals from Day of the Devs, then check out the full event below.

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