My Hero Academia’s Manga Just Came Up With an Insane Way to Revive (Spoilers)

Can this character be brought back?

*Warning: Massive My Hero Academia Manga Spoilers Ahead. If you are behind on the comic or only watch the anime, turn back now*

If you’re all caught up with the My Hero Academia manga, you’re likely still dealing with what happened during Chapter 362, as it looked like one of the most important characters in the series, Katsuki Bakugo, was killed by an All for One-controlled Shigarak. Today, fans learn that might not actually be the case, though.

According to a recent leak of raw page images and fan translations from Twitter, pro hero Edgeshot has a plan to reduce himself down to a paper sheet small enough that he can cover the damaged portion of Bakugo’s heart. Best Jeanist would then be in charge of sewing the damaged portions of Bakugo’s body together and resuscitating him.

Whether or not Horikoshi actually plans to have this happen is yet to be seen, as the info that has been out so far doesn’t show the plan actually happening yet. We’ll be keeping up with the manga and its developments so that we can keep you updated accordingly if any other developments occur.

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