Modern Warfare Season 4 Reloaded Features 200 Player Warzone & New Sniper

Shortly following a tease, Infinity Ward and Activision have announced that 200 player Warzone lobbies will be coming as part of Modern Warfare’s Season 4 Reloaded update.

It had been rumoured for a while, but a tweet from the official Call of Duty account saying, “we’re gonna need a bigger plane” with a 200 spelt out in parachutes gif attached was the closest we had seen to confirmation.

Rather than increasing the number of players in each squad, it will feature 50 quads dropping into Verdansk. As of yet, 150 is still the largest number of players you can have in a single Warzone lobby, but players have been clamouring for something new to test themselves and their squad in.

It’s worth noting though that 200 player lobbies will be a limited time mode so won’t be around for ever, much like Plunder has been.

Shortly following that tweet, Infinity Ward revealed Season 4 Reloaded, which will see the following Warzone and Modern Warfare changes:

  • Adds Rytec AMR new sniper
  • New multiplayer map – Cheshire Park
  • New Operator – Roze
  • Triple Feed XP
  • New Supply Run Contract in Warzone
  • Refreshed Gulag Weapons
  • New Spotter Scope Item in Warzone
  • Juggernaut Royale Mode
  • New Multiplayer Mode – Team Defender
warzone, season 4 reloaded

The new sniper, the Rytec AMR, is the other highlight and you will need to complete an unspecified in-game challenge to get it. We’ll have all the tips you need once it’s live tomorrow.

There will be an update to go with Season 4 Reloaded, which will be between 20 and 32GB, depending on what platform you’re playing on and whether you’re using the full version of Modern Warfare or not.

The update will go live at 2am ET on June 30, at which point you’ll be able to jump into the new content.

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