Rejoice, Miiverse Has Been Saved on the Internet

Revisit the good old days.

In a rather interesting turn of events, Miiverse has somehow managed to be preserved on the internet. Nintendo originally called off the Wii U and 3DS social site back in September, leaving a good number of fans disappointed and heartbroken with the company’s decision. However, their decision didn’t stop several players and engineers from trying to recover all of those doodles and messages.

Drastic Actions and the Archive Team managed to collate posts from Miiverse in a website called Archiverse. You can search for a good amount of archived data on the website, ranging from posts, games, and even users. In a Twitter post, Drastic Actions revealed that they saved nearly a whopping 17 terabytes of data. Those who are looking for some old posts, photos, or funny memes they stumbled on in the past have a better chance of looking it up now.

Since Nintendo shut down Miiverse, they haven’t revealed any new social services for their current consoles. That said, the Nintendo Switch still lacks plenty of apps, so there might be a chance for a spiritual successor in the future.


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